Attached is one of the reports (in Portuguese and English) of the official Brazilian government auditors, the Supremo Tribunal Das Contas (“Tribunal”) raising questions about the legality of the Mais Medicos program under Brazilian law. It found that the unequal compensation between the Cuban Doctors and those from other countries violated the “isonomy” or “equality” principle of Article 5 of the Brazilian Constitution, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Code of Practice for International Recruitment of Health Professionals.

It also found that PAHO and the Brazilian government failed to provide adequate documentation to justify the legality of PAHO’s payments to Cuba. The Tribunal requested documentation regarding the following (and other) concerns. These findings are summarized in paragraphs 57-62, on the last two pages of the attachments.

Portuguese language version:

Relatorio — Brazilian GAO Legal Analysis


English language version:

Relatorio — English Translation